Quality FIRST


Being athletes we always needed quality and functional products, that we could use during training.


VAs it was today. We didn't have time to browse through stores and try our luck with particular jump ropes. We needed to train. Sellers were not able to recommend us anything, because they didn't know anything about jump ropes.

We probably tried everything available in Czech Republic back then. So we tried to go abroad and search, because we felt like there must be something, some super-jump rope. 

baleni.78We were dumb. We should have bought something more expensive straight away instead of spending thousands for sh*tty products. So we went with pros who specialize on rope jumping. 


Therefore we personally test and make all products, that we offer. We ask experts and athletes around us. We offer our clients spare pieces to replace only damaged part of the rope, so they don't have to invest their money for whole new jump rope.



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